The dynamic software world of software will be researched in a new laboratory at FIT CTU

21. 5. 2024

Faculty of Information Technology CTU in Prague (FIT CTU) in cooperation with University of Antwerp (UAntwerp) in Belgium presents the newly established Normalized Systems Laboratory (NSLab). The primary goal of this scientific research workplace will be to improve evolvability and sustainability in the constantly changing software development environment. NSLab will focus  on development and research in various software solutions.

The laboratory will aim to support science and cooperation with commercial subjects or research institutions to improve adaptability, up-to-date, and lifetime of software systems by using innovative processes and modern technologies. The new NSlab plans to solve and develop opportunities similar to those that researchers from UAntwerp are working on  in their projects.  For example drone control systems, solar panels monitoring, or the development of IT applications for the province of Antwerp, which is responsible for rural planning, the environment, and the economy. These are various solutions in practice – enterprise systems (ERP, CRM, eCommerce), tools for data warehouses, machine-actionable specifications or solutions for efficient document generation. (Meta)modeling and generating of normalized systems has a wide range of use,  especially in areas where it is necessary to adapt to changing requirements and technological innovations.

“NSlab is committed to researching and developing metamodeling techniques with a particular attention to solving complex real-world problems. However, the laboratory's activities do not end only at research. We actively contribute to education, offer interesting topics for bachelor's, diploma and dissertation theses. We support student participation through collaborative projects that provide valuable practical experience and opportunities for intellectual growth. Join us and explore the dynamic world of metamodeling, which has the potential to make a revolution in software engineering," encourages students. Marek Suchánek, Ph.D. et Ph.D., head of NsLab at FIT CTU.

The informal cooperation with UAntwerp and FIT CTU already started 10 years ago through the research group Center for Conceptual Modeling and Implementation (CCMi) activities , with professors Verelst and Mannaert from Belgium. Since the beginning of the cooperation, a joint course Normalized Software Systems has been taught at FIT CTU.This course introduces students to the principles of normalized systems and their application in practice. This subject is taught by professors from UAntwerp together with  teachers from FIT CTU. As part of this cooperation, together with the spin-off NSX, a summer school is also held at FIT CTU. In 2019, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between FIT CTU and UAntwerp, and preparations for the doctoral study Double Degree programme began. This was followed four years later by the launch of master study Double Degree programme. The first successful graduate of the doctoral study Double Degree programme was the current head of NSLab Marek Suchánek.

"The establishment of NSLab at FIT CTU is a milestone in the research of normalized systems and their increasing use in industry. Since 2015, the cooperation between FIT CTU and UAntwerp has focused on research and education, including joint publications, Double Degree programmes, bachelor's and master's theses, and joint research. NSLab brings new possibilities by providing an international meeting place for students, researchers and representatives from industry to jointly realize breakthrough synergies aimed at new levels of evolving modularity and sustainability in software systems," says Prof. Jan Verelst and Prof. Herwig Mannaert from UAntwerp.

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