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Programming Research Lab (PRL@PRG) deals with a deeper understanding of programming languages and their usage. The ERC project led by Prof. Jan Vitek called Evolving Language Ecosystems (ELE) takes place in the lab. The aim of this project is to find ways how to reduce the costs of development of programming languages. The laboratory offers cooperation for bachelor, magister and doctoral students.

About Laboratory

The Programming Research Laboratory tries to deeply understand the programming languages and how it should be used. It also tries to apply this understanding to the program design process, as well as to novel applications. The lab uses a multilevel approach to studying programming languages and programming methodology – including elements of design, mathematics, experimental science and engineering.

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The laboratory conducts research on all aspects of programming, including:

  • development of simple and complex programs,
  • design, implementation and analysis of programming languages,
  • design of programming environment tools.

The laboratory was established in 2016 from the prestigious grant from the European Research Council. Prof. Jan Vitek won the prestigious Advanced grant at the price of 3 million euros for the project Evolving Language Ecosystems (ELE). He decided to solve this project at the Faculty of Information Technology of CTU.

The laboratory cooperates with several important universities and companies. The lab cooperates especially with the university team of Prof. Jan Vitek in Boston, but also with other world universities. Other partners include IT market leaders, such as:

Research Activity

The lab deals with the Evolving Language Ecosystems (ELE) project. The aim of this project is to find ways to reduce the costs of the evolution of programming languages. The research is focused on programming language R. The scientific team wants to prove that it is possible to develop the language R so that it can analyze much larger amount of data. They want to use statistical analysis and machine learning.

The project explores basic techniques and algorithms for the development of entire linguistic ecosystems. The aim is to reduce the cost of large-scale changes in programming languages, avoid the need to create entirely new languages, and allow a longer-term use of existing ones. The group works in open code, so everything is reproducible.

Educational Activity

The lab offers cooperation to bachelor, master and doctoral students. It offers doctoral candidates the opportunity to work and support their research. Bachelor and master students have the opportunity to choose one of the lab projects as the topic of their final work. Furthermore, the laboratory organizes the Programming Language Implementation Summer School (PLISS), where Prof. Jan Vitek is one of the lecturers.


The laboratory is lead by Prof. Jan Vitek. The administration is provided by Ing. Lucie Lerch. The other members of the laboratory are researchers, post-doctoral researchers and doctoral students. The seat of laboratory is on the 12th floor in the Building A.

Jan Vitek - profile

prof. MSc. Jan Vitek, PhD.

Head of Programming Research Laboratory

Professor of Informatics at Northeastern University in Boston

Guido Chari - profile

Guido Martin Chari

Post-doctoral researcher

Yulia Belyakova - profile

MSc. Yulia Belyakova

Research assistant

Jan Ječmen - profile

Ing. Jan Ječmen

Ph.D. student at the Department of Theoretical Computer Science

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