Research groups

Research and development activities are carried out in 11 research groups and 2 student research laboratories:

  1. Applied Numerics and Cryptology Research Group
  2. Arbology Research Group
  3. Centre for Conceptual Modelling and Implementation
  4. Computational Intelligence Research Group
  5. Digital Design & Dependability Research Group
  6. Networking Research Group
  7. Parallel and Distributed Computing Research Group
  8. Prague Stringology Club
  9. Web Intelligence Research Group
  10. Network Visualization Laboratory
  11. 3D Print Laboratory
  12. Open Data Laboratory

The goal of FIT is to become a research oriented faculty, whose research results are recognized in the international community and whose researchers are actively participating in international research projects, publish in impacted journals and reviewed conferences. Given the structure of research activities and the history of the individual research groups at FIT, a large portion of our scientific and research work is oriented towards basic research.

Members of our research groups participate in organizations of research conferences as IPC members. But in addition to that, several scientific conferences were organised in Prague by members of our teams within last few years. Examples include CryptArchi Workshop 2009, FPL2009 (International Conference on Field Programmable Logic and Applications), TOOLS2012 (International Conference on Objects, Models, Components, Patterns), or ARCS2013 (International Conference on Architecture of Computing Systems). It became a tradition to organize the Prague Stringology Conference every year in September.


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