Open Day on 13 Jan. 2022


13. 1. 2022


In person at the faculty and online


No reservation

Come to find out why to study computer science at our faculty. You will meet both teachers and students and find out what the study at our faculty is really like. We have prepared presentation stands of study specializations and tours of the faculty premises, including laboratories. You will find answers to your questions. We are also prepared an online program for those who can’t attend in person.

Open Day ONLINE (12:00–13:00)

Ask about everything you are interested in studying. Write your question and we will answer you live.

Open Day IN PERSON (10:00–15:00)

Conditions for entry

The Open Day is held in accordance with the anti-epidemic measures in force on the day of the event. According to the O-N-(T) system: Vaccination – Past disease – (Test), visitors must meet the conditions for mass events and wear a respirator. You will need to prove O-N compliance at the entrance to the building. Therefore, for a quick check, we recommend that you come in time and prove yourself with the “Tečka” application.


Study specialization stands

When: 10:00–15:00
Where: ground floor of the New Building of CTU

Come to find out more about our bachelor and master study specializations. At the stands, you can ask questions directly to the teachers and students of the specialization.

Tours of the laboratories

When: 11:00–15:00
Where: Building A (9th–14th floor), New building of CTU (3rd floor)

Visit the faculty’s laboratories and learn how our students use them in classes, research and practical projects for real companies

Accompanying program

When: 10:00–15:00
Where: ground floor of the New Building of CTU

  • Work placement for students: Find out how many companies the faculty cooperates with and how you can get an internship.
  • Admission via SCIO: Get advice on applying and passing the National Comparative Exams in General Academic Prerequisites or Mathematics, which could help you be admitted to FIT.
  • Student life: Get information about life on and off dormitories from students of the FIT++ faculty club.