Bc. Andrej Lukačovič


CESNET-QUIC22: A large one-month QUIC network traffic dataset from backbone lines

Luxemburk, J.; Hynek, K.; Čejka, T.; Lukačovič, A.; Šiška, P.
Data in Brief. 2023, 2023(46), ISSN 2352-3409.
The QUIC (Quick UDP Internet Connection) protocol has the potential to replace TLS over TCP, which is the standard choice for reliable and secure Internet communication. Due to its design that makes the inspection of QUIC handshakes challenging and its usage in HTTP/3, there is an increasing demand for research in QUIC traffic analysis. This dataset contains one month of QUIC traffic collected in an ISP backbone network, which connects 500 large institutions and serves around half a million people. The data are delivered as enriched flows that can be useful for various network monitoring tasks. The provided server names and packet-level information allow research in the encrypted traffic classification area. Moreover, included QUIC versions and user agents (smartphone, web browser, and operating system identifiers) provide information for large-scale QUIC deployment studies.