Ing. Miroslav Balík, Ph.D.


"Ochutnávka předmětů" pro uchazeče o studium na ČVUT

Pilarčíková, I.; Balík, M.
Aktuálne trendy vo vyučovaní prírodných vied. Trnava: Trnavská univerzita v Trnave, 2012, pp. 231-235. ISBN 978-80-8082-541-6.
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The "Open Faculty" project that CTU Prague is dealing with this year should fall under the faculty's effort in obtaining higher quality applicants, and should also support in representing the faculty to the general public. The project includes a web that maps fields of study and individual courses to the extent of selected lectures, presentations and other study materials ("study try-out"), the mission of which is to acquaint secondary school students with the faculty curriculum. A "course try-out" will be prepared for applicants in academic year 2013/2014. The "Open Faculty" pilot project will be tested at the Faculty of Information Technologies and Faculty of Electrical Engineering. FIT and FEL currently use the Edux system for the presentation and administration of study materials. This system is adapted to be used by students and educators of CTU. Upon opening the faculty to applicants, the access right methodology will need to be modified along with changing (and creating new) study materials with respect to the given target group. The multimedia contents of 5 courses (topics) are currently in the creation progress.