Information for new Ph.D. students starting on the September 2, 2019



Computer network and FIT-wide ICT services are operated by the ICT unit of the Faculty.
Contact: Ing. Martin Bílý, Tel. +420 22435 9828, FIT building, Thákurova 7, 13th floor, room No. 1333,

CTU-wide services are operated by the CTU Computing and Information Centre.
More information: <a data-cke-saved-href="" href="" title="

For more information about FIT computer network and services, see .
This website also contains:
• Information about the computing environment at FIT
• Username and password information
• How to set up or find out your password
• Personal websites – how to edit your personal website at FIT
• Computer rooms
• E-mail
• Wireless network – setting up
• Student IDs

Usernames and passwords

You have a single username at the entire CTU. There are three categories of passwords, ranked by their importance.
1. CTU-wide password, a.k.a. SSU or USERMAP password. This is needed, for example, to:
• Log in to the KOS system (registering to exams, etc.)
• Working with the USERMAP system at
• Set up your Faculty-wide password
2. You need your Faculty-wide password to work with FIT services. For instance, to:
• Access your mailbox
• Access the study materials at
• Find out your initial systems password
3. Initial systems password enables you to log in for the first time to independent computing systems. For example, the SUN computer room at the National technical library (NTK).
You can get your username and set up your CTU-wide password after 3rd September, using the first-login application. See
In order to set up your Faculty password, you need to know your CTU password. For details, see . Never tell your password to anyone! Choose sufficiently complex passwords, and keep the three passwords different.

Student ID cards and the ID card publishing house

You will need your student ID at various occasions. For example, to enter the buildings and labs, including the NTK computer room. After 3rd September, pick up your ID card at the CTU ID card publishing house, Bechyňova 3, Prague 6, Telephone: +420 22435 8472, website: .
The ID card publishing house can reset your CTU-wide password, if you forget it.

If you transferred to FIT from another CTU faculty, in particular the Faculty of Transportation Sciences, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Civil Engineering or Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, you also need to visit the publishing house. Ask them to change your authentication source from your original faculty to USERMAP, and at the same time ask them to set your CTU-wide (usermap) password.


You will have a e-mail during your entire studies. You can have your mail delivered to the Faculty server,, or forwarded anywhere else. Please use your school e-mail address when communicating with teachers and other university employees.  

Snail mail

All incoming paper correspondence is delivered to the DOKTORANDI mailbox (according to your department) in the meeting room of the Dean’s office (room No. 327, 3rd floor of the FIT building, use the universal key).


The shared Minolta high-capacity multifunction printer (scanner, copier) is located in room No. 314 in the FIT building (= universal key). You can monitor the printer here:
Martin Bílý is in charge of printer drivers and setup, tel. +420 22435 9828, FIT building, Thákurova 7, 13th floor, room No. 1333,


Conditions of the Ph.D. study at the CTU and other documents:

Legislation applicable to the doctoral study program at FIT is available for download here:
• In particular, carefully read the Dean’s Directive on Implementation of the Informatics Doctoral Study Program at CTU FIT.


Available for download:

• Application form to the doctoral study
• Characteristics of the general topic of the doctoral thesis
• Request for sending the scholarship to a bank account
• Student’s individual study plan (ISP)
• Evaluation of Ph.D. students for the current semester
• Application form to the discussion on the dissertation
• Application form to the comprehensive doctoral examination
• Request to change the form of study (full-time vs. combined)
• Request for an interruption of studies
• Request for termination of studies

TEACHING (for full-time doctoral students)

Agree with your supervisor what modules you will teach. Your supervisor will inform you about the timetable in the coming days. Your supervising department will be the department of your supervisor at the Faculty of Information Technology.

STUDY MODULES and ISP (Individual study plan)

You need to fill in the so-called Individual Study Plan together with your supervisor. Here, you will plan the modules that you want to study during the first period of your studies. For instructions regarding the ISP, see the Dean´s Directive (Article 9 – Individual study plan and the study block).         

Note: If you want to take a physical education class, it is not entered in your ISP (it is optional and there are no credits for it) but you can register for it in the KOS system. Use the "BI-TV4" code and follow the instructions of ÚTVS (Sports institute) regarding registering for a particular time and a particular sport.


For information at FIT: Dr. Josef Kolář, tel. +420 22435 9872,

For information at the Rector’s Office: Dr. Dana Mrkvičková, tel. +420 22435 3436,

CTU website:
More information – Dům zahraničních služeb MŠMT:
To register to the Mobility program, use this application:

Other interesting information

Regularly check the CTU website for updates:
• TIP: The home page lists updates and current news, such as conferences, exhibitions or concerts (free of charge), as well as other events for students and professors at CTU

Also, regularly check the Faculty website,

USERMAP – search for any employee at CTU:
• TIP: after logging in with your password, you can edit your profile (your private website, private email or telephone)

INFOREK – CTU information system where you can find documents that are not available to the general public (directives, rector’s and bursar’s orders, minutes of meetings from committees, etc.):

PES – Portal of economic services of CTU:
• TIP: Here you can view your salary slip and use other economic features (if you are a FIT employee, too)

Research and grants: - guide to science and research in the Czech Republic - updates and news from the government concerning science and research in the Czech Republic - updates and news concerning science and research at CTU and FIT for FIT employees - Science and research information at the CTU rectorate

Menus at CTU canteens:
• Other eating options near FIT:


Contact (Safety & health protection technician):
Ing. Jiří Chludil, Tel.: +420 774 077 720, FIT building, Thákurova 7, 9th floor, room No. 937,

Every student has to undertake the safety & health protection at work training, registered in the student’s record book as FIT-BOZP.
Contact the S&HP technician regarding the dates and other details.

The S&HP technician must be IMMEDIATELY notified if:
• you have an accident at school (including fatal accidents)
• you witness an accident at school (that is, at premises used by FIT, including NTK)
• or while performing work duties (outside of FIT premises)
• you can see an impending danger (disassembled power socket, trip hazard, etc.)
• you have damaged an appliance
• you have brought a new appliance to your office
• have an idea how to improve safety and health protection
• if you teach, this also applies to your students!
Details about what to do when a student is injured will be given to you at a mandatory training when you start your career at the Faculty.

What to do after enrolment?

• Find out your username and set up your CTU-wide password
• Set up your FIT-wide password
• Make sure you can access your e-mail
• Find out your initial systems password
• Pick up your student ID card
• IMMEDIATELY CONTACT YOUR SUPERVISOR (in order to discuss your teaching obligations and anything else you need for your doctoral study)

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