Faculty Structure

The faculty is managed by autonomous official bodies headed by the Dean. The FIT is divided into departments and research, service and administrative offices. The details of the faculty structure are laid down in the FIT Statute (available only in Czech). Other official bodies are the Academic Senate, the Scientific Council, and the Disciplinary Committee.



Departments constitute the basic organizational unit of the faculty. Their mission is to guarantee the scope of study fields and to support the scientific activity. The department consists of university teachers. A Head of the department is selected in a tender and named by the Dean.

Research Lab

The scope of a research lab is creative scientific-research and development activity. The lab consists of academic and scientific staff and other support staff providing administrative and technical operations. A Head of the research lab is named and dismissed by the Dean.

Service Office

The basic scope of a service office is the support of the teaching and scientific-research activities of departments. A Head of the service office is named and dismissed by the Dean.

Dean’s Office

The Dean's Office is an executive body for the provision of economic, operational and personnel activities. The Dean's Office is further divided into offices. These offices are managed by the Dean, the Bursar or the Vice-Dean. There is also an official notice board in the premises of Dean's Office.

Vice-Deans’ Offices

Vice-Deans’ Offices are administrative workplace providing study, operational, scientific and research activities. The Head of the office is a Vice-Dean, who is named by the Dean on the basis of discussion in the Academic Senate. In addition, the Vice-Deans are empowered to act on matters relating to the faculty in a defined field of activity.

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